Evergreen Capital established a recruitment company specializing in Japanese companies, INFINITY RECRUITMENT in Belgium

by Maria Cuello    News    11th July 2019


Previously, there were no recruitment companies who specialized in Japanese companies in Belgium, so Evergreen Capital established the company. Since inception, there has been an exponential growth and INFINITY RECRUITMENT has now acquired over 20 client companies and over 300 contractual workers in just...

Infinity Technology Creates a Evergreen Capital sets up a new company, Zoom Japan Limited.

by Maria Cuello    News    10th April 2019


Evergreen Capital set up a new company, Zoom Japan Limited, and we took over the free monthly magazine (Zoom Japan) business from March 2019. Zoom Japan UK is the English version for the UK market, and now we have a monthly circulation of ...

Evergreen Capital has invested in a Japanese logistics company, Milers for a 40% share of the company.

by Maria Cuello    News    11th July 2019


Milers is a Japanese logistics company specializing in office supplies and they have been increasing sales in the past three years. In this time, they started a lease business for commercial vehicle as their main new business, but for that, they needed capital and financial...

Evergreen has invested over Euro 3,000,000 building in Brussels in Sept 2018.

by Maria Cuello    News    10th April 2019


This building has 5 floors plus a basement, and totals 1,500 sqm2 space. 45% is for commercial use and 55% for residential use. We have been able to arrange a 20 years long term lease to 2 companies, so we have a very steady income...

Infinity Technology Creates a bespoke application for automated test production process

by Maria Cuello    News    5th February 2018


Infinity Technology Europe Ltd is a UK based software developer providing system solutions for component manufacturing. Infinity’s software connects real-time production instructions from major automotive manufacturers to Tier 1 suppliers, integrating their time-critical and sequence-critical production processes. At Infinity, we call this a Sequence Production System. Our...

Infinity Technology's systems to provide dynamic sequence delivery data on RFID tags

by Evergreen Capital   News    9th June 2016


In 2015 Infinity, in co-operation with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware provider SICK, introduced a system solution for passing sequence delivery data on electronically readable and re-writable tags. During the project, a SICK manufactured RFID Kit was installed to the component supplier’s assembly line delivering to...

Infinity Technology to use Raspberry Pi to cut hardware costs at the assembly line

by Evergreen Capital News 23rd August 2016


Infinity Technology started providing Raspberry Pi as an option to replace PCs at industrial workstations. The Pi functions as a gateway between the user and the server providing a Graphical User Interface (GUI). It can also run scanners and printers. Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit...

Mergers & Acquisitions intermediary business added to Evergreen portfolio

by Evergreen Capital    News    21st July 2016


EU M&A Centre Ltd started operations in November 2015. Providing services for sellers and buyers of small and medium-size businesses, the company has currently seven agents based in six countries in the UK, continental Europe and Japan. EU M&A Centre's agents have experience of European marketplaces...

Evergreen Capital acquires another company – Maxim Computer Services.

by Maria Cuello    News    11th July 2019


Up until now, Evergreen Capital had two IT companies, Infinity Technology Europe Ltd (UK) and Infinity Technology Europe SA (Belgium) as Subsidiaries. Maxim Computer Services has now been added to the Evergreen Capital portfolio. All those companies provide IT software and hardware...

Evergreen Capital has invested in Japanese Sweet foods manufacture, Sweet Octopus Limited

by Evergreen Capital   News  10th April 2018

We are very excited to announce that we reached an agreement to invest in Sweet Octopus Limited a for 40% share of the company in February 2019. Sweet Octopus Limited has a variety of customers including Yo-Sushi and Wagamama and provide Japanese sweet...

Evergreen has invested in a 3rd TAGAWA shop in Brussels!

by Maria Cuello    News    17th March 2017


Last year, with the help of Evergreens’ investment, a Japanese supermarket called TAGAWA were able to make their dream of expanding possible, and they opened up a second shop in Brussels. Now, they have been able to expand again and a third TAGAWA shop has been...

Evergreen to invest in second TAGAWA shop in Brussels

by Evergreen Capital  News  8th August 2016


Tagawa, a Japanese foods supermarket, has set up a second shop in Brussels. The new shop is situated in the vicinity of the Stockel subway station, at Stockel Square shopping centre. The shop that commenced business in late autumn 2015 has the same extensive selection of Japanese...

John Breckon taking over Infinity Technology UK's General Manager role

by Evergreen Capital   News  19th March 2015


Senior Project Manager, Mr John Breckon, is taking over the General Manager role at Infinity Technology Europe in the UK. John will continue his work with the clients and will be responsible for the Infinity team, projects and customers. “John has been a key person for...

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