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Evergreen Capital to invest in a second TAGAWA shop in Brussels


by Evergreen Capital     News    18th August 2016


Tagawa, a Japanese foods supermarket, has set up a second shop in Brussels. The new shop is situated in the vicinity of the Stockel subway station, at Stockel Square shopping centre.

The shop that commenced business in late autumn 2015 has the same extensive selection of Japanese stables, beers, rice wines, tasty sushi and bento boxes as the first shop located at the Chaussee de Vleurgat 119.


Around 30% of the customers visiting the Tagawa shops are Japanese expatriates searching for the products they enjoy at home. The majority of customers for the new shop are families or employees of the surrounding offices that come for lunch and to take a break. For these customers, the new shop is stocking a good selection of fresh sushi bites, bento boxes and soft drinks to take away or to eat in at the shop.


All Tagawa sushi and bento are freshly made at Tagawa’s own kitchen. Tagawa shop manager, Davide Domenici, tells that the new shop has increased the demand for these fresh products: “Without a doubt, our sushi and bento lunch boxes have proven to be the star products of the store”.

Davide continues that “resources provided by Evergreen Capital Investment allowed us to invest also in an up-to-date sushi kitchen, which has proved to be a good move now that second shop has increased demand for the ready meals”.


To accommodate the needs of the lunch-time shoppers, the new shop has an area in front of the shop with tables and chairs reserved for the customers. Sales assistant Caroline says the staff is welcoming all visitors to the shop: “We look forward to happily guide any person who is interested in Japanese cuisine and delicacies. And we hope that our customers can enjoy refreshments amidst their everyday business in the calm and cosy environment we have set up in the shop”

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