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We provide financial investment in companies to help them improve or speed up business growth, enable pursuit of profitable ventures, or make beneficial changes in a company’s structuring

Cash Injection

Cash injection for current business needs or expansion.

Help with increasing sales and profitability.

Enhancing the business with new capital and expert support.

Selling part of your business

Raising cash by selling part of the business.

Allowing some shareholders to exit and some to increase their holdings.

Releasing cash from the business to fund expansion (eg: improved products, new facilities, more locations).

Funding to bring in strategic expertise as well as capital.

Help with backing the senior management team to buy into the business.

Selling a part of the business that is no longer core to the overall operation.

Management Buy Out (MBO)

Capital if you (your team) want to buy the company from the owner.

Cash funding input for MBO.

Growing your business, or growing it faster

Acquisition of one or more companies.

International expansion.

Increased capacity for products or product development.

Taking a business into a new market

Selling your whole business

Retiring from your business.

Resolving ownership issues among family shareholders.

Enabling a new generation to take the business forward.

Raising capital for a new business.

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