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Mergers & Aquisitions intermediary business added to Evergreen portfolio


by Evergreen Capital     News    21st July 2016

EU M&A Centre Ltd started operations in November 2015. Providing services for sellers and buyers of small and medium-size businesses, the company has currently seven agents based in six countries in the UK, continental Europe and Japan.


EU M&A Centre’s agents have experience of European marketplaces and small and medium-size enterprises (SME). Company’ services include guiding clients wanting to invest, buy or sell businesses throughout the process.  Start for EU M&A Centre has been busy. In June 2016 it is working on 12 company sales and the agents are responding to a growing interest from business owners.

Hirohisa Iwasaki, one of the founding members of the company, says that “It can be imperative for a retiring business owner to sell the business they have built and invested in. For many, this is not only an economical choice but also a way to secure the future and continuity

of that business which has taken years to build. On the other hand, also a new aspiring entrepreneur can get real benefits from taking over an existing venture. They can benefit from existing customer base, infrastructure and proven track record of the existing business.”


The company founders observed and learned through their own experience, that also many Japanese investors are looking for opportunities in Europe and can find it time-consuming to understand and get to the market. Starting by buying an existing business could be just the start that suits them best. EU M&A Centre also provides services to these foreign investors.


In the near future entrepreneurs of the baby boom generation are due to retire. A Business owner can face a situation where it is not possible to pass on a business within a family and where simply quitting an established and solid business can cause the owner to lose financially. In the future, even more businesses will face the need to either to finish or sell. Selling as well as buying a business is a complicated process. This is where EU M&A Centre sees that it can make a real difference by bringing together the sellers and buyers.

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