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Situated at Avenue des Meuniers and conveniently located next to a local Japanese school. This small shop packs a lot of good food and flavour!

TAGAWA shop manager Davide Domenici states “Finally after one year waiting we’ve opened our 3rd shop in Brussels: Tagawa DELTA. It’s a very small shop but I think it’s reflects the TAGAWA STYLE perfectly.
There is not as much choice as  our other two shops but you can find everything you need to enjoy Japanese Cuisine at your home.
The first days were a little bit quiet, but after a month from the opening people started to come everyday, especially during the lunch time to buy our bentos (lunch box) and they seem so excited to have a Japanese supermarket in their area, Japanese food is more and more popular even here in Brussels!”

Thanks to Evergreen’s investment TAGAWA have gone from strength to strength, who knows what will be next for TAGAWA? Watch this space

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