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Infinity Technology’s systems to provide dynamic sequence delivery data on RFID tags


by Evergreen Capital     News    9th June 2016


In 2015 Infinity, in co-operation with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware provider SICK, introduced a system solution for passing sequence delivery data on electronically readable and re-writable tags.


During the project, a SICK manufactured RFID Kit was installed to the component supplier’s assembly line delivering to the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Solihull, one of the busiest automotive manufacturer assembly lines in the UK.
Set-up for the RFID capabilities included hardware devices on the production line and a software addition to the supplier’s existing Production System provided by Infinity.


RFID tags were attached to the stillages used for delivering the components in the correct sequence order at the specified time and to the right place on the automotive manufacturer’s assembly line.
A photocell, which when broken activates the read/write device, were installed to the supplier’s assembly line. Infinity provided a custom protocol for integrating SICK RFID KIT to the Production System and a feature for storing backup data.


The transport and moving stillage around the facilities is tough for paper labels or tags used for identification and providing sequence data on the assembly line. Enduring dirt and every day wear better than paper labels and stillage sheets, RFID tags are used increasingly by manufacturers to provide reliable identification and to transfer sequence data on the shop floor.


The RFID device and software market has been expanding. IDTechEx 2016 report predicted further 30% growth over the five years starting from 2015. With proven track record for handling sequence data and delivering reliable solutions for system integration, Infinity’s Production Systems are in a good position to respond to the component suppliers’ growing demands for RFID capabilities.


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